Access to discreet and select groups and individuals who can provide customised and sophisticated financial solutions for your projects, worldwide, for projects which seek from US$3 million upwards.

Existing & new projects considered.

Several project types considered, including:

  • luxury real estate (luxury island resorts, luxury 5* 6* & 7* hotel developments and others)
  • large-scale affordable housing
  • energy projects (including solar, wind, hydro, waste to energy)
  • mining projects (for example gold, diamond and coal...the presence of minerals pre-mining must be well documented, ideally with a 43-101 report)
  • infrastructure (for example hospitals, roads, railways, airports, schools, canals, supply of water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and others)
  • ecological and renewable projects
  • movie, theatre and music production (absolute minimum size considered USD20 Million, with 10% funding in place)
  • fashion & luxury
  • media & technology
  • advanced technology engineering
  • life-enhancing medical breakthroughs

Does your country's government need funding?

Please send GILLERAN an email to discuss your project requirements.

*GILLERAN Consulting can provide an introduction to the finance providers and investors, but strictly on the basis that it is understood that it is merely an introduction, and not advice.

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