UHNW refers to Ultra High Net Worth.

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A billionaire is typically defined as having a net worth of at least USD 1 Billion.

Number of Billionaires in the World: Approximately 1,500.

Roughly speaking, on average, 1 person in every 5 million, is a billionaire.

This is based on an estimated World Population of 7 Billion people.


An UHNW Individual is typically defined as having a net worth of USD30m upwards.

Number of UHNW Individuals in the World: Approximately 200,000.

Approximately, on average, 1 person in every 35 thousand, is a UHNW Individual.


A HNW Individual, for the purposes of this website, is defined as having at least USD 1 Million, in investible finance { excluding primary residence }.

Number of HNW Individuals in the World: Approximately 12 million.

Roughly speaking, 1 person in 600 fits this category.

Although a millionaire could be defined as having a net worth of at least USD 1 million, it appears to be coming more common to use the same definition as a HNW Individual.

UHNW | GILLERAN - ULTRA HIGH NET WORTH Services - example services:

  • PROJECT FUNDING / DEVELOPMENT FINANCE from USD 3 Million upwards for development of your projects. Typical project types considered include real estate, energy, infrastructure. medical advances and innovations, luxury resorts, luxury hotels, large scale affordable housing, solar, wind, hydro, coal, biomass, road, railways, schools, hospitals, canals, airports & more.
  • INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - Direct to a Regulated & Licensed Trading Entity - Medium Term Notes / Bank Guarantees / MTN Trading / Managed Buy - Sell / " PPP " / New Issue / Fresh Cut / Slightly Seasoned.
  • CURRENCIES - DIRECT to a Licensed Currency Exchange, whose main activities are inter-governmental, large corporate and large private transactions.
  • ULTRA HIGH NET WORTH {UHNW} Events coming up in 2018.
  • PETROLEUM PRODUCTS - WE HAVE BOTH VERIFIED BUYERS AND VERIFIED SELLERS - a variety of petroleum products such as Mazut, Jet Fuel { Jet A Jet A-1 Jet B JP54 }, Avgas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas LNG, Bonny Light Crude Oil BLCO, Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil, EN590 Diesel / D2 / Gasoil.
  • OTHER COMMODITIES - WANTEDRough Diamonds, Gold, Coltan, required by large, established clients.
  • OTHER COMMODITIES FOR SALE / WANTED - Polished & Cut Diamonds & Known Diamond Collections, Polished and Cut Sapphires and Rubies, also sapphires are available direct from mine.
  • OFF_MARKET HOTELS - 60 Ultra-High-Profile Hotels for sale worldwide ... from US$5 Billion to US$3 Million ... you won't find these hotels for sale anywhere else...New York, Beverly Hills, Dubai, Mauritius and many more...details coming shortly.
  • PRIVATE ISLANDS - for sale.
  • INTERIOR DESIGN for your mansion or palace.
  • An opportunity to own a unique and magnificent Irish home in a setting of unrivalled beauty.
  • 18 properties for sale in Lake Como, Italy.
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