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This relates to a variety of petroleum products such as Mazut, Jet Fuel / Jet A / Jet A-1 / Jet B / JP54, Avgas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG, Liquefied Natural Gas LNG, Bonny Light Crude Oil BLCO, Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil, EN590 Diesel / D2 / Gasoil and more.


If you would like to explore the possibility of transacting with us, in respect to petroleum products, whether you are buyer or seller, please note that we are happy to work with more verified buyers and verified sellers - the important aspect is that you are happy to let us verify you and your organisation, and your capability to supply petroleum product in the case of a seller and capability to purchase in the case of a buyer.


It is always of benefit to have more verified buyers and verified sellers, as when a purchase request is made, there can be a mismatch of procedure between buyer and seller hindering a transaction, or on occasion, there may not be the required fuel available {for example, if short notice given by buyer} when the purchase request is made.


It is our preference to set up long term relationships {contracts}, although there are occasions where we are involved in one-off { spot } deals.


We are in a position where we have solid contacts in the oil industry in terms of both sellers and buyers.


We perform due diligence on the client {whether buyer or seller} before acceptance as a client, and before said client will be introduced.


In terms of products, we can access crude oil, refined products and gas.


We have buyers for Bullion Bars, Gold Dore Bars & Gold Dust.


If it is our first transaction with you, we seek an initial small test tranche of 10-20 kg to Dubai.


Subsequent transactions of up to 500 kg per month, following successful initial test tranche.


SCO and POP before SPA/ICPO/LOI/Banking Instruments.


For GOLD DUST, we seek supplies between 50kg to 100kgs, with a minimum discount of 20%.


For GOLD DORE BARS, we seek a discount of 12/10%, quantity up to 500kgs, starting with a first tranche not more than 100kgs, CIF Dubai.




Please note if the gold is in Africa, we would need a 10-20 kg test tranche of gold to Dubai or Frankfurt ... buyer can potentially pay seller hotel cost and arrange visas if required...seller to pay for flight and gold transportation.


These should be deposited with Brinks or Malca Amit, and must have KPC and SKR certificates (we need proof before flying), with minimum size of 3 carat, no S clarity, and colours D-I.

One of the buyers seeks Minimum 5 carat, no S or VS clarity, and only colours D-H.

SCO and POP before SPA/ICPO/LOI/Banking Instruments.

We can buy in general any amount - 100m up to 5 billion USD (100m cash and above on a bank to bank basis which will be defined between buyer and seller, as well via Brink's etc.).

1 - Buyer and seller sign the SPA, after Seller has transmitted a verifiable document like SKR from Security Company confirming the availability of the offered natural rough diamonds.

2 - After signing of the SPA, Buyer shall issue verifiable BCL in the full amount to the Seller Bank, to confirm the POF from the Buyer to the Seller.

3 - Once the Seller receives the BCL he has to arrange the necessary documents to export the consignment, mainly to arrange the KPC and other export documents.

4 - The Seller arrange delivery of the parcel via Brinks or Malca Amit and provide the Buyer with copies of the KPC and the receipt from the forwarding company.

5 - Once the Buyer receive the KPC and the Brinks/Malca Amit receipt, he shall issue the MT760 financial instrument or any instrument wanted by the Seller, conditioned to be paid upon checking the stones by both gemologists - Buyer gemologist and Seller gemologist at Buyers destination in Switzerland.

6 - Once the gemologists have finished their checking, the Buyer gives the instruction to his bank to release the funds to the Seller, and the Seller transfers the ownership to the Buyer.

We are able to transfer any amount to the Seller Bank if they have bank accounts in Europe to prove capacity to buy, prior to the Seller moving commodity.

SAPPHIRE - FOR SALE - Direct From Mine

  • If you have a requirement for sapphires, please send your Buyer Requirements to us.
  • This should include colours, clarity, sizes, both physical and transaction USD.


  • Please only contact us if you have an Export Licence for Coltan
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